· Access to the resort is strictly controlled and under no circumstances may guests open the security gate for visitors to enter. Check-in time is from 14h00 on the day of arrival. Check-out time is before 10h00 on the day of departure. Damages caused as a result of negligence or deliberate action will be for your account, payable at a rate determined by the resort manager. Guests wishing to have visitors (max 5 at a time) must arrange this with reception, and a fee will be payable. Visitors must report to reception and are not allowed into the resort after 20h00. No loud music, music from vehicles or rowdiness will be tolerated. Guests not respecting this rule will be asked to leave the resort. The speed limit inside the resort is 20km/ h. Please adhere to this for the safety of small children at play in the resort. PLEASE BE ADVISED: No restaurant is available. Please note for the purpose of buying groceries, restaurants, take-away food, fuel and gas, the nearest town is Fouriesburg, 1.7 km gravel road from Meiringskloof Nature Park. RESERVATIONS: A 50% deposit is required to confirm any reservation. If the deposit is not received by the due date, the reservation will be cancelled automatically. PAYMENT: Full payment must be made before staying commences. No entering units /sites will be allowed unless the full amount has been settled on arrival. NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Debit & credit cards, bank transfers (EFT) or bank deposits may be used as payment for accommodation. Please provide proof of deposit on arrival. It is also possible that outstanding payments be deposited directly into our account. Proof of payment is however required on arrival. CANCELLATIONS. A cancellation fee will be retained on the TOTAL VALUE of the reservation as follows: Cancellation up to 60 days prior to arrival date: forfeit 0% Cancellation up to 30 days prior to arrival date: forfeit 50% Cancellation up to 14 days prior to arrival date: forfeit 100% Deposits will be transferred to a later date if arranged ahead of time. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made with regard to these conditions. DAY AND OVERNIGHT VISITORS: A visitors fee is payable for every person entering the Resort. It is not allowed for guests to invite friends to visit them in the resort for whatever short time without permission from the Management and before the due payments are made. ALL visitors must report to the office on arrival and before visiting and use of the facilities can commence. The same rules apply to any day and overnight guests. Please adhere very strictly to this rule in order to avoid any possible conflicts and embarrassment. In the case of non-arrivals, or if a stand is not being used, Management has the right to re-allocate the stand after 24 hours late arrival without refund, unless prior arrangements have been made for the late arrival. The same applies to early departures. Please note that should guests arrive a day(s) later or depart earlier than an original reservation, guests are still held accountable for the full amount to be paid as stated in the original reservation. No refunds are made. NO SMOKING will be allowed in any of our chalets, ablution buildings, tuck shop, kiddies play areas. We implore guests to be considerate and to comply with this mandatory rule at all times. REFUSE. Please place refuse inside the bins provided. BATHROOMS: Please use water sparingly. Consider the next person and tidy up after own use. Children under the age of 6 or any person, who need assistance, must please be accompanied by an adult at all times. This rule is rigidly applied and drastic action is taken against vandalism and offenders in our bathrooms. ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES: (USED AT OWN RISK) Children must please be accompanied by adults when using facilities such as the hiking trails, play areas, pool area, etc. We implore parents to take care of their own children to avoid fighting and accidents. It is ultimately the responsibility of each parent to see to his child’s welfare. TRESPASSERS: These are persons on the property who did not pay the relevant fee, or those individuals who enter the premises without permission from the Management. This also includes visitors to residents who have not paid in advance for their visit. OWN RISK: All persons making use of our Resort and facilities do so at their own risk. The Owner, Management and Staff of this Resort are indemnified from any responsibility pertaining to damage, loss or accidents that might occur, to any guest or visitor, during their stay in the Resort. VANDALISM: This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Severe action will be taken against vandalism and may be evacuated from our premises. Parents whose children damage any property be held accountable. Management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any misbehaving resident, who fails to comply with the Rules and Conditions of the Resort, or those who are creating any form of nuisance or annoyance, which in any way interferes with the quiet or general comfort of other residents/ campers. Alcohol abuse is not acceptable and the use of alcohol by minors is forbidden in the Resort. No refund will be given to individuals evacuated from our Resort under these circumstances. Please do not park your vehicle on an open site, as this site may be booked and guests may arrive at any time. It is really frustrating when new campers arrive and a vehicle is parked on their site, especially if the owners have left the premises and we cannot reach them. Thank you, Meiringskloof Management
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